Win some lose some.

Good news this week. Yesterday I received a check from McLennan County. It was a refund check for an overcharge for a public information act request.

There could be several explanations for the refund. On one hand, it could have just been a misinterpretation and on the other it could be a case where exorbitant fees were used to discourage access to public information.

I know people who just want to complain and not really do anything that requires work. They want to whine about what the law says but do noting more than complaint. The point in relation to public information is two-fold. 1. Never argue with them. It doesn’t do any good. 2. Never believe what the government tells you. At least half the time you are dealing with a person of limited capacity and that is why they work for the government.

What remains now is to see what the AG rules in the matter. The complaint requested the AG to award treble damages with the other $120.00 going to the McLennan County Sheriff’s Officers Association.


At this rate, in another year, I will have provided more free education to government entities on the Texas Public Information Act than any one else in the state. Proud to be of service.

Minister of Irritance.

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