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What do you do if you have an employee who has been demoted at least three times and  failed to complete field training? You send him to Florida for two weeks on the taxpayer dime. Not really a dime but more like $5,000.00.


Recent requests for information have revealed two disturbing trends.
The definition of is.
Apparently Sheriff’s office employees have a difficult time communicating with investigators from other agencies.

In a memo sent from a Sheriff’s Office Sgt. to a Waco Chief, the first evidence of miscommunication is revealed.


No such apology was forthcoming for the second “confusion”. A staff member eagerly related the details of a restroom excursion to a detective of the Office of the District Attorney investigating a complaint.


The problem is the incident related happened back in January.  While I was a little surprised it was such a memorable event to be burned into the mind of Ms. Drummond, the event was of sufficient amusement to me I had posted about it.


The second disturbing trend is rather than lie about something, have the women folk lie and then they can revert to plan A and say there was simply some confusion.

The previously referenced Ms. Willis requested a ruling from the Attorney General about the release of in car video and other public information related to an accident. The original request provides some insight.


That is a pretty lame public information act request but now check the request for AG ruling:


What will really “interfere” with investigation/prosecution of the case is the fact the Sgt. who the defendant was supposed to be evading arrest/detention from repeatedly reports he was not pursuing the guy. Yea, I gotta think that will throw a real monkey wrench in the works.

Complaint filed with DA and response

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