Fundraiser for Public Information Act training

I have never had to ask anyone for financial assistance, and I’m not really keen on the idea now.  That said, my wife made a very compelling case for using the family income for things like paying bills and buying food.

In order of priority, you should contribute, whether we are friend or foe, because eventually I am going to get my butt kicked by pissing off some government official if I continue at the current rate. In case you have not followed my previous work, here are a couple of examples

If I am unable to attend, all donations will be refunded. The class is restricted to government employees; so there is a real possibility they will reject my registration. The only reason I can attend is the private company is awarding continuing education credit to licensed peace officers. As a retired licensed peace officer, I have to have continuing education.  If they deny me access, they could jeopardize their ability to do training for credit.  I believe this training is more about how to screw over the public than it is about complying with the Texas Public Information Act. I also believe no one like me has ever attended this type of training.

You can check here for status updates on the campaign to raise funds so I can attend the training.

Message from campaign organizer.

Event Flyer

R.S. Gates
Self-appointed Minister of Irritance
McLennan County, Texas

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