How it could all be avoided.

In 1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

I effectively kicked off the week being told the only way I could attend a meeting of the Commissioners’ Court was to remove my belt. I remember the testimony of Sheriff McNamara before the Senate subcommittee.

I happen to agree with the Sheriff. It is not a matter of a lack of police to make the determination. When the staff was challenged on their “policy”, more officers were quickly summoned to address the disruption of a person unwilling to take their belt off. It turned out, the supervisor was only a phone call away and he (the supervisor) determined there really was no problem and I was allowed to attend the meeting without taking off my belt. Here is the point. If police can tell who the bad guys are, why do law abiding people have to SUBMIT to a search of their person? The powers-that-be will tell you it is for security, when in fact it serves two purposes. First, it sets the proper atmosphere where the sheeple know their place; and second, it discourages silly people who want to actually know what is going on in their government.

If the Sheriff is right, there is a high probability all of the “security” measures are designed to allow government employees to surf Facebook uninterrupted by the people they “serve.”

I was also there on Tuesday to exercise another statutory right. I filed a complaint with the District Attorney. If you visit the preceding link, you will see a clear display of my contempt for the “security”.”

This is probably what it looks like when the Facebook time is interrupted.

Two exceptions should be noted, County Treasurer Bill Helton and County Clerk Andy Harwell. I have walked into their offices on more than one occasion and no one hit the panic button. I stopped by the office of the District Clerk on Tuesday and found the new District Clerk standing right out front. The former District Clerk stayed in her office and if anyone got “uppity” security was immediately summoned. The new guy actually engaged in conversation.

The insanity has gone so far the only thing left is for them to make up an allegation. Unless there is a change, a person will walk in one day and ask for directions to the restroom and the pretty lady at the reception window will testify under oath that the person said bomb and boom. They really are that agitated by silly people who think such a thing as PUBLIC SERVICE exists.

Plenty of people just complain while providing no solution – just not my style. Texas is on the verge of passing licensed open carry. My proposal is to use taxpayer funds to subsidize licensure of government employees and eliminate security. Take down all the bullet resistant glass and open the doors. It really is that simple if it is a security concern. If the reality is government employees just don’t want their Facebook time interrupted, well…….


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