Even Kool-Aid has an expiration date

I found this post sufficiently funny to warrant a blog post.

I find it a little hard to believe this Kool-Aid is still being peddled to the Sheep. If they can avoid thinking about what is really going on by dismissing me then their safe place is, once again, a happy place.  At least the sheep could embrace something other than news from the turn of the century.

I think the latest spin is that Parnell did not give me a job. While some sources report I am unemployed, the reality is, I have not been unemployed since I started working. More Kool-Aid for the sheep.

The subject of debate on this post was the recently released video of the horrendous assault that took place in Chicago. It is horrific but now the perpetrators have been charged with a hate crime.

My point was, when an alleged hate crime happened in McLennan County, it made the front page of the paper but no one was brought to justice. In the last century, the police would have sought resolution. If a fraud, they would have exposed it. If true, they would have exposed the perpetrator.  My point was, by ignoring an allegation of a hate crime, the racial division was expanded. I think the police have the authority to stop the division. If you want to debate that, I can do that. If you want to dismiss the discussion by recycling expired Kool-Aid, just return to your safe place and be a good snowflake.

Jim Parks if fond of saying “You can’t wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.” If you are feeling froggy and want to dance, my profile is public. I am eager to discuss it. If not, got back to your safe place and drink your Kool-Aid.

Here is the original post and my reply.

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