This is how we got here.


I ran across this post on social media and it occurred to me this comment embraces exactly what is wrong with society today.

Here an educated person identifies a huge injustice and says they are happy about the injustice because it is favorable to them. Rallying against an injustice is difficult and may return criticism so the solution is to rationalize the injustice and simply move on. No need to get your hands dirty.

Just when you are safely on your way to your happy place of moral and intellectual superiority, some jerk stops by to question your path.


How to deal with Cognitive Dissonance? Don’t bother re-evaluating the problem, that ship has sailed. Now is the time to attack the source of the dissonance. It was previously stated fighting an injustice could have consequences so it is far better to attack anyone who threatens your happy place. Yea team.

One of my favorite activists shared the link below.  Worth the read and worthwhile to follow her social media posts.


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