R.S. Gates on Sheriff K9

There have been many allegations that I am responsible for press coverage of an internal investigation at the Sheriff’s Office of the K9 program.  The reality is I have withheld my opinion for lack of information.

On Friday, the Sheriff’s Office released a large amount of information and buried in there was the reprimand of former K9 officer who had been thoroughly vilified in the media.

Based on the record, it’s my opinion Corporal Ballew took one on the chin. The reprimand says the basis was a training event that resulted in injury of a fellow officer. While the case can be made Deputy Ballew exercised bad judgment in conducting a training exercise in a busy office, I believe the same case can be made the error was on the part of supervisors. I believe the records indicate inadequate supervision and support of the K9 program.  Records indicate Deputy Ballew was successful as a K9 officer while the records of his successors and chief accusers are questionable.



 I was told much of the information on which I based my opinion on will be published @ www.Radiolegendary.com within the next 12 hours.  In summary, the Sheriff has problems but I think Deputy Ballew, based on a review of the records, is not one of them. Disagree? Debate/Cuss/Discuss it here – https://www.facebook.com/randall.s.gates


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