Screw up move up.

No word yet on if the business manager for the County Judge got a raise when she should have been fired. This, however, did make the Waco Trib.

Waco Trib 8-31-2011
The court also voted to allocate $750,000 in the budget for Phase II of the courthouse roof repairs and architectural and engineering services. 
The county originally hoped to spend about $373,000 on the project, based on an estimate prepared by County Grant Coordinator Dustin Chapman last week.

What Regina does not say is if County Grant Coordinator Dustin Chapman was actually approved to receive the $1,000.00 a month raise which was added sometime during budget negotiations. No reason screwing up and missing an estimate budget expenditure by more than a quarter of a million dollars should have any impact on compensation.

Plenty of tax dollars to spread around.

Stay with us as the full analysis of the approved budget is coming soon.

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