A snapshot of McLennan County

How we got here.

The Attorney General started it with a pair of opinions.

The above is linked to the full opinion and of the two, it is the only one relevant.

Local media reported it was about the open carry law taking effect on January 1st.  The reality is, it has nothing to do with that law and has been the law since 9/1/15.


Watching the social media since publication of the news stories, they were highly effective. The discussion has completely focused in the ill-advisedness of open carry. While you were professing your superiority with phallic references and name calling, elected officials robbed you of a right articulated in Texas Government Code Sec. 411.209.

From the Trib report:
Judge Ralph Strother of Waco’s 19th State District Court said it frightens him to death to think that individuals could stand in the courthouse rotunda armed to the teeth.

I can understand how advanced age can increase the susceptability of a person to flights of terror but what should really scare you to death is the fact we have a district judge who thinks deferred adjudication probation is an appropriate sentence for possession of child pornography.

WACO (December 21, 2015) A Waco man was sentenced to deferred probation Monday after he earlier pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.


See the guy on the left? That is Dustin Chapman. He started out making next to nothing and endeared himself to the powers and now is supposed to be the courts attorney and is paid $75,000.00 a year.  One might wonder why taxpayers get a bill for $75K for an attorney but they have to pay $100.00 an hour for a private firm. It might have something to do with funneling tax dollars to elected officials. They make stupid decisions that require lots of money to be transferred to the law firm an the law firm supports nice events where supporters gather and give cash to the elected officials.  No one really knows what Dustin does to earn the salary.


ALL of this has nothing to do with open carry and everything to do with McLennan County corruption.

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