Sentencing disparity

I ran across the story below as reported by KXXV.


So many questions. If he had two prior convictions the same year, what the hell was he doing back on the streets to commit another offense? This is not baseball with three strikes. Granted there is no indication he ever hurt anyone other than himself, seems like there was ample opportunity to get this guy off the streets.

In a completely different case, Justin Cordero was charged with two counts of Sexual Assault of a Child. The charge was enhanced due to his criminal history.


The really strange part is, Cordero was found by a McGregor police officer with a minor in his vehicle. The officer investigated and filed the following charges:

3 Counts of possession of Child Pornography
2 Counts of Sexual Assault of a Child
1 Count of Possession of Methamphetamine.

According to court records, for 6 felony charges, Cordero was sentenced to 6 CONCURRENT 10 year sentences.

The drunk gets 40 years and the guy who sexually assaults minors gets 10 years.

Here is another case that is even different from the one above.


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